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Here at DaveyJons we give you everything you need to know. Everyday we deliever top of the line news to you. DaveyJons also gives you more obscure stroies that the major news stations won't show you. The news we give is short and sweet. It is driven straight home to you. Theres no over writing to make us stand out. We are who we are. Beautiful Beach Another reason for joining us as your main news source is our non-biased agenda. DaveyJons gives you the news we believe is the most essential for the day. Then, we give you our opinion of it.

DaveyJons has a new category of entertainment; Rhetoric. Here we also give you a very colorful character give you their perspective of the world. Have an open mind about his opinions, but make sure to take nothing he says seriously! But, he does have an interesting view of things.

We give you a video of the day also(VOTD). This can either be from he past or present, but it will be something we find fitting for the day.

DaveyJons has a quotes section for you as well. This may or may not help you out if you're having a bad day or just need some guidance. But, they really tell you how you should be thinking about life and certain situations you may be in.

DaveyJons is also coming out with a clothing line soon, so stay tuned to enjoy our new style luxury clothing. This will be top of the line attire for a fraction of the price. We know what you're thinking! Most people will think that this is too good to be true, but did you know most high quality clothing companies raise their prices 200%-300% of their actual market value. It's shocking, but true. DaveyJons on the other hand does not mark it up costs past the amount the clothing or accessories are worth. We want both the rich and poor to enjoy our product. So please feel free to take a look at our products in the section. Again, the products are not available yet, but we will keep everyone posted!