About Us

Here at DaveyJons we are a firm believer in helping the people. The average Joe. Everyone should have the right to a wonderful life and though we are a company, we want to give a lending hand. It's very apparent to most and to us that companys and organizations are often extremely selfish. Well we here at DaveyJons are your everyday working class people. Pretending to be something we're not is not on our agenda. Thank YouWith great pride we proclaim ourselves as a collection of average Joes working as one. Working as this one unit we can attain unbelievable goals and help in tremendous ways. We at DaveyJons believe it would be nothing short of immorality to not lend a helping hand to our common man. We want everyone to enjoy there lives and learn a little bit more each and every day. We will do everything in our power to help our men, women, and children in need. Yes, this is a daunting task. But, we pride ourselves in laboring away to help our world become a better place. DaveyJons helps one customer at a time and one day at a time to provide the best and most caring service available.

Also, we give a big thanks to our loyal friends, colleagues, customers, and soon to be customers. Without you DaveyJons would not be possible. We appreciate your unending support and wish all of you nothing but the best!